ISSN : 2663-2187

Advances in Virology: Emerging Viruses and Vaccine Development

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Dr. S.K. Pawar, Dr. Mrs. Harsha V. Patil, Dr. Mrs. Sarika R. Sikchi, Jyoti Chauhan
ยป doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.6.Si1.2024.167-177


The field of virology and vaccine development is crucial for addressing emerging viral threats that pose significant public health challenges. This comprehensive review explores the characteristics of emerging viruses, advances in detection and surveillance, mechanisms of pathogenesis and transmission, and immune responses. The review highlights recent advancements in vaccine development, including inactivated, live-attenuated, subunit, and mRNA vaccines, with a focus on the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines. It discusses challenges in vaccine development, such as understanding immune correlates of protection, addressing antigenic variability, and overcoming logistical hurdles. Future directions in virology include reverse vaccinology, vector-based vaccines, nanoparticle vaccines, and universal vaccines. Strengthening global preparedness, addressing ethical considerations, and fostering international collaboration are essential for tackling future viral threats. By advancing our understanding of virology and investing in vaccine research, we can improve public health outcomes and enhance resilience against emerging viruses.

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