ISSN : 2663-2187

Exploring Actinobacteria Isolation and Screening from Soil Samples

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Ankita Rani , Abhishek Mathur , Sanjay Gupta
ยป doi: 10.48047/AF5BS.6.7.2024.1899-1906


This research paper explores the diversity and potential of Actinobacteria as sources of bioactive compounds through the isolation as well as distinct screening of these microorganisms from different samples of soil. Samples were collected from five geographically distinct sites of Uttarakhand region, and a combination of selective isolation and morphological characterization was done. On the basis of Morphological and Biochemical characterization 21 bacterial strains were isolated and confirmed their identity as members of the Actinobacteria class. Based on the result generated all the strains were found differ in morphological characteristics and affinity towards pigmentation.

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