ISSN : 2663-2187

Pediatric Dentistry: Challenges and Advances in Child Oral Health Care

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Dr. Savita Hadakar, Dr. Sonali Waghmode, Dr. Sachin Gugwad
ยป doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.6.Si1.2024.87-99


Pediatric dentistry is a specialized field focused on the oral health of children, addressing unique challenges and advancing with innovative treatments and preventive strategies. This article explores common pediatric dental issues such as dental caries, malocclusion, gingivitis, and dental trauma, highlighting the importance of early intervention and specialized care. The role of pediatric dentists is emphasized, including their specialized training, behavior management techniques, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals. Recent advances in minimally invasive techniques, dental materials, and technological innovations are discussed, along with the emerging trend of tele-dentistry. The importance of adhering to established pediatric dental care guidelines, including preventive care practices, nutritional counseling, and oral hygiene education, is underscored. Case studies and clinical trials illustrate the practical applications and effectiveness of new treatments. Finally, the future directions of pediatric dentistry are considered, with a focus on ongoing research, technological integration, and the need for continuous professional development. By addressing challenges and embracing advances, pediatric dentistry aims to ensure optimal oral health outcomes for children, promoting lifelong healthy habits and well-being.

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