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A Comprehensive Framework for Exploring and Evaluating Learning Digital Resources in English Language Classrooms

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1. Dr. Iliyas Ali Shaik, S Feroz Begum. Shirisha Deshpande Dr. M. Ravichand, Papinaidu Mavidi Ramesh Vijaya Babu. K
ยป doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.7.1.2025.37-48


This research paper investigates the impact of Digital Learning Resources on students within the English language classroom at The School of Technology, Apollo University, Chittoor to demonstrate their effectiveness in allowing students to discover, investigate, and make their own judgements. The primary focus is to assess how Digital Learning Resources contribute to the development of critical thinking abilities among students. Long-term learning requires resource-rich settings that appreciate students' ideas and feelings. Teachers and policy makers may promote school, college or university design curriculum that aid students academically and psychologically. This research presents a thorough approach to evaluating and selecting ESL instructional and digital resources. This article is a supplement that helps language teachers identify instructional materials, particularly for ESL students. The model for innovative methods of teaching English as a second language and cognitive development may help students become critical thinkers, according to the study. Additionally, the study intends to investigate the impact of Digital Learning Resources on the skill sets of both students and educators in the classroom, as well as the possible advantages for college professors and their students. The present research revealed that books and the internet may boost training and pleasure.

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