ISSN : 2663-2187

Applications and Conservation of the Lilium polyphyllum

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Rupali Kumari , Shah vansh , Kajal Kumari , Shivika Sharma , Vikas sharma , Vikash S Jadon
ยป doi: 10.48047/AF5BS.6.7.2024.1844-1857


Natural remedies for treating illnesses were sought after by ancient humans, who employed animals and plants with therapeutic powers out of instinct. Plants were utilized for prevention and therapy up until iatrochemistry was discovered in the 16th century as human understanding increased. People have sought out medicines throughout history to relieve ailments and reduce suffering. Out of eight ashtvargaplants, Lilium polyphyllum is a herbaceous, bulbous herbal medication used in traditional, conventional, and modern medical systems to treat avariety of physiological conditions. It is a significant source ofmany compound types with a variety of chemical structures and medicinal effects. Present review is compilation of immense medicinalpotential of the plant with information on its habit, habitat andconservation status.

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