ISSN : 2663-2187

Breast-Cancer Awareness and Breast Self-Examination (BSE) Evaluation among Young Adult Females in Dehradun, Uttarakhand

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Ayush Bhandari, Gaurav Dhasmana, Jyoti Bhatt, Nitu Sharma, Preeti Mamgain, Shivangi Arya, Tammana pal, Laxmi Kumar, Pooja Rawat
ยป doi: 10.48047/AF5BS.6.7.2024.1735-1745


Purpose of the study: To assess the understanding and application of breast-cancer awareness and breast self-care among young adult females. Methodology: The study employed a quantitative research approach, utilizing an exploratory research design. A sample size of 60 participants was chosen using a non-probability convenient sampling technique from Himalayan Hospital, Dehradun. Data collection involved the use of a structured knowledge questionnaire and a self-reported practice checklist. The sample underwent analysis utilizing both descriptive and inferential statistical methods. Results: The results indicated that the average knowledge score among adult females was 13.93, with a standard deviation of 4.88. Notably, 63.3% of participants demonstrated a high level of understanding regarding breast-cancer and breast self-care, indicating a commendable understanding of the subject matter. Conversely, 13.3% exhibited average knowledge, while 23.3% displayed below-average knowledge in these areas, highlighting areas for improvement in awareness and education efforts. Regarding practice, the results showed that 61.7% of subjects had satisfactory practice in performing breast self-examination, while 38.3% exhibited unsatisfactory practice.

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