ISSN : 2663-2187

Comparative study of genetic diversity parameters within ginger ecotypes from Burkina Faso using microsatellite markers developed on rice and ginger

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Hervé Nandkangré, Moussa N’Golo Konaté , Diane Judicaëlle Kambou , Adjima Ouoba , Wend-Pagnagde Felicien Marie Serge Zida , Souleymane Bado , Mahama Ouedraogo and Mahamadou Sawadogo
» doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.4.4.2022.62-69


Ginger is a valuable plant, used generally as spice across the world, which have a great nutritional, medicinal, social and economic potential. However, it still remains neglected by research works in Burkina Faso. This study experiments were carried out to evaluate a genetic diversity level of 47 ginger’s accessions from Burkina Faso using an SSR markers set specific for rice and ginger. All the primers set used showed an important genetic diversity among the ginger accessions grown in Burkina Faso

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