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Demographical factors Affecting multiple sclerosis in Basrah province- Iraq

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Amal A. Alsudany, Ihsan E. Alsaimary, Ahmed A. Salim
ยป doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.6.10.2024.1-10


The aim of this study was to determine role of demographical factors to effect on multiple sclerosis in Basrah province. A case-control study included 86 confirmed multiple sclerosis patients and 86 individuals as a control group. This study shows the effect of demographical factors (age, sex, residency, occupational status, marital status, family history, smoking and obesity,) in patients with multiple slerosis. The age of patients was between 15-55 years; the maximum number of multiple sclerosis was found within the age group >30 years (37.2%). The present study showed very high percentage among females (72.10%) in comparison with males (27.90%). In this study most MS cases were recorded among patients their occupation 29 (33.7 %) worker versus 57 (66.3 %) non worker, while residence in centrally 40 (46.5%) versus 46 (53.5%) peripherally, followed by marital status of patients 16(18.6%) single versus 70 (81.4%) married, smoking 16(18.6%) versus 70(81.4%) nonsmoking, and obesity 8(9.3%) versus 78 (90.7%) non obesity patients from total study patients 86 (100.0%), Statistically and differences were not significant. In this study the number of cases which attacked with MS were only two (2.3%) within family history of MS from total study patients 86 (100.0%), Statistically the (P-value=0.48) and differences were not significant.

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