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Dental Health-Related Practices and Periodontal Disease among Pregnant Women in Diyala Center, Diyala Governorate, Iraq

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Mohammed Qassim Hussein, Maha Abdul Aziz Ahmed
» doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.6.1.2024.94-109


The necessity for treatment as support and epidemiological data are crucial for the evaluation of the causes of periodontal disease for the planning of community dental attention. Utilizing the community periodontal index to assess the incidence of periodontal diseases amongst pregnant women across the medical centers in Diyala Center, Diyala Governorate, Iraq. 515 pregnant women between the ages of (20–40) years, in all trimesters, participated in a cross-sectional study. Stratified random sampling was employed to divide the sample evenly across the eight medical health centers, and simple random sampling was used to choose the pregnant women from each health center. Using the Community Periodontal Index for Treatment Needs (CPITN), data on dental health practices and the findings of clinical periodontal examinations were collected. According to the study's findings, 87.38% of pregnant women had periodontal disease overall, including bleeding, calculus, shallow, and deep pockets. This greater prevalence rate and substantial correlation between toothbrush type, tooth brushing frequency before and during pregnancy, tooth brushing technique, usage of interdental aids of various kinds, and mouthwash use. A higher incidence rate of PDs. was reported among pregnant women in the Diyala governorate, accompanied by a limited understanding of periodontal health status and insufficient access to appropriate periodontal treatments. So, it is very necessary recommended for adequate PDs. awareness

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