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Dental Implants: Evolution, Techniques, and Future Prospects

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Dr.Shivsagar Tirthnath Tewary, Dr.Karuna Gajanan Pawashe, Dr.Amit Bajirao Jadhav, DR. ARJUN SINGH SODHA
ยป doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.6.Si1.2024.74-86


Dental implants have transformed restorative dentistry, offering reliable solutions for tooth replacement. This review explores the evolution, techniques, and future prospects of dental implants. Beginning with a historical overview, it traces the development from ancient attempts to modern advancements. Various implant types, including endosteal, subperiosteal, zygomatic, immediate, and mini implants, are discussed, highlighting their specific applications and benefits. The materials used in implants, particularly titanium and zirconia, and their surface modifications to enhance osseointegration are examined. Techniques for implant placement, such as guided surgery and CAD/CAM technology, are explored for their precision and efficacy. The biological process of osseointegration, its influencing factors, and complications like peri-implantitis are analyzed, with strategies for prevention and management. Advances in digital workflows, regenerative techniques, and nanotechnology are presented as promising future directions. The review emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care and the ethical and regulatory considerations in advancing implantology. Overall, this comprehensive analysis underscores the significant impact of dental implants on clinical practice and patient quality of life, while highlighting future research directions and technological innovations

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