ISSN : 2663-2187

Effect of methanolic Cymbopogoncitratus extract on bacteria Streptococcus. mutans and Strertococcus. Sorbinus

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WassanLowrance Hassan , Abid Ahmad Erdeni , TaghreedKhudhur Mohammed
» doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.5.2.2023.48-62


Strep.sobrinus and Strep.mutans are among the most common species in the mouth. Dental rot, gum aggravation, and tooth rot are medical conditions predominant in the Iraqi people group. Due to their antimicrobial resistance, treating bacteria has become challenging. The focal point of this study is to analyze the impact of the methanolic concentrate of lemongrass leaves on Strep.sobrinusand Strep.mutansbacteria.

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