ISSN : 2663-2187

Enhancement in Physico-Chemical Properties of Cellulose Based Kraft Paper with the aid of Poly-Amide-amine- Epichlorohydrin (PAE)

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Deepak Kumar,Vishavdeep Jindal


The current research work explores the possibility of enhancing both physico-chemical and dielectric characteristics of insulating kraft paper modified using wet strength resin (WSR), dry strength resins (DSR), and Apcotex. Six (06) different types of modified insulating were prepared using different layering (single side and double side layering) of additives. Prepared and modified samples were analyzed The physical (Appearance, Grammage, Thickness), chemical (pH, Ash Content), mechanical (Tensile Strength, Tear Factor, Elongation, Bursting strength), and dielectric properties (BDV, Moisture content) of the obtained and modified samples were measured in comparison with the reference (fresh) kraft paper. Results show that the addition of WSR (as single layer) to basic and traditional kraft paper can achieve the best performance. The enhanced density and inter-fiber bond strength are responsible for the increased tensile strength. Moreover, kraft paper layered (single) WSR demonstrates significantly improved AC breakdown strengths, with increases of 19% and 21% compared to the reference paper. In conclusion, the modified kraft paper utilizing WSR appears to be a promising nano-additive for enhancing cellulose insulation

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