ISSN : 2663-2187

Feed intake, digestibility and growth performance of Dorper-Menz cross bred sheep fed local brewery by-product (atella) and concentrate mixture at different levels of combination

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Kokeb, M , Mekonnen, Y. and Tefera, M
ยป doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.3.4.2021.33-41


The aim of this experiment was to evaluate the effect of graded level of local brewery by-product (atella) replacement to concentrate mixture on feed intake; digestibility and body weight change of Dorper-Menz crossbred lambs fed hay basal diet. The feeding period of 90 days was preceded by 15 days of acclimatization period. The experimental design was Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) with five treatments: T1 [Control, hay ad libtium]; T2 [25% atella + 75% concentrate mix]; T3 [50% atella + 50% concentrate mix]; T4 [75% atella + 25% concentrate mix]; and T5 [100% atella].

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