ISSN : 2663-2187

Innovative Approaches in Orthodontics: Trends and Techniques

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Dr.Yusuf Ahammed Ronad, Dr. Pratap Mane, Dr. Seema Patil
ยป doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.6.Si1.2024.56-73


This review explores innovative approaches in orthodontics, highlighting the latest trends and techniques that are transforming the field. The integration of digital technologies, such as 3D imaging, CAD/CAM systems, and AI, has revolutionized diagnosis, treatment planning, and appliance fabrication, improving precision and efficiency. The adoption of clear aligners and self-ligating brackets offers aesthetic and comfort advantages, enhancing patient satisfaction. Advancements in biomaterials and biomechanics have led to the development of more durable and biocompatible orthodontic materials, improving treatment outcomes. Interdisciplinary approaches facilitate collaboration with other dental and medical specialties, ensuring comprehensive care. Ethical and regulatory considerations are crucial in integrating these innovations into clinical practice, emphasizing patient safety and equitable access to care. The review also discusses future directions, including the potential of AI, bioengineered materials, and 3D bioprinting, to further advance orthodontic practice. By examining recent clinical studies and outcomes, this review provides a comprehensive overview of the transformative potential of these innovations in orthodontics.

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