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Socio- Economic Variability and Women’s Health: a study among an Ethnic Group of Assam

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» doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.6.3.2024.117-123


Socioeconomic variability acknowledges that within any socioeconomic category, there can be a wide spectrum of circumstances, opportunities, and resources available to individuals or household. Socio-economic status (SES), whether measured by income, education, or occupation, correlates with a diverse array of health outcomes. But the relationship between SES and risk factor for obesity and cardiovascular disease in Indian tribal women remain unclear. A cross-sectional study was undertaken among Deori women, a scheduled tribe population of Assam, North East India, aimed at exploring the socioeconomic diversity and its influence on their health status. In the present study a total of 512 subjects were studied ages ranging from 18 to 49 years. In the present study, upon calculating SES, it was discovered that the majority of Deori women fell into the middle socioeconomic bracket followed by lower SES. The findings indicated that there is an increased risk of health problems associated with higher SES among the women of the Deori population

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