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The effects of expanding urban food markets on food security and public health

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Renuka Jyothi S, Neeti Taneja, Arjun Lal Choudhary, Dr. Madhu Prakash Srivastava, Dr. Anees Fathima Thabassum Z, Kusuma V
» doi: 10.33472/AFJBS.6.4.2024.23-33


Urban food markets support local economies, preserve urban areas, and promote a healthy diet. To support local farmers, more individuals are making purchases at these markets. Urban food market owners, sellers, municipal health officials, and customers work together to provide safer and healthier alternatives. Urban food markets should establish and promote efficient food safety procedures and raise public awareness to maintain their success as secure, effective hubs for producers and buyers. The study examined the impact of growing urban food markets on public health and food security.There have never been a bigger percentage of diners becoming ill. Meals derived from animals and fruits and vegetables are the healthiest options. In many big cities, consumption of all of these is rising. Food purchased from a street vendor may not be any safer than food purchased from a supermarket or other shop. For domestic market investments, food security in big cities must come first. Shopping customers, market management, vendors, government health inspectors, and vendors all have a stake in the safety of the food they purchase.

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