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Unveiling the power of smart patches- A revolutionizing wound care

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Sai Ramya Bodagala, E.Usha Rani, G.Uma Rani, Pradeep Kumar Repana, Rajasekhar komarla kumarachari, Prasanthi Samathoti
ยป doi: 10.48047/AFJBS.6.12.2024.883-898


Chronic wounds impose a substantial healthcare impact. This may not heal as quickly as they should, which can lead to additional wound complications like infection and even amputation. This review manifests, how smart upgrades are perhaps a good solution to address conventional wound dressing problems.A brief discussion regarding wound biology as well as the procedure for rebuilding is provided in this overview, with an emphasis on the key elements affecting a good closure. This context addresses the emerging risks of resistance to bacteria in wound care and go over antibacterial tactics. The discussion then turns to stimuli-responsive antibacterial nanomaterials, which are a vital element of smart patches that plays a key role in both improved antibacterial activity and tailored drug delivery. In addition to this it explores the idea of "all-in-one" smart patches, combining multiple features for all-encompassing wound care. A critical analysis of several smart patches that researchers have designed, each with a variety of features are included. Conclusion infused with the current constraints of smart patches and delineate fascinating prospects for this emerging domain. This review also sets the stage for the development of smart patches in clinical wound healing by providing an up-to-date and thorough analysis of the technology.

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